About Rapid7

Rapid7’s IT security data and analytics software and services help organizations reduce the risk of a breach, detect and respond to attacks, and build effective IT security programs. With comprehensive real-time data collection, advanced correlation, and unique insight into attacker techniques, Rapid7 strengthens an enterprise’s ability to defend against everything from opportunistic drive-by attacks to advanced threats.
Unlike traditional vulnerability management and incident detection technologies, Rapid7 provides visibility, monitoring, and insight across assets and users from the endpoint to the cloud. Dedicated to solving the toughest security challenges, we offer unmatched capabilities to spot intruders leveraging today’s #1 attack vector: compromised
Solutions We offer three core solutions to help you solve security’s complex challenges:
Threat Exposure Management: Managing your risk of a breach starts by identifying all the places you are vulnerable to attack and systematically reducing your exposure. Our Threat Exposure Management solutions are designed to help you know your weak points, prioritize what matters most, and improve your position. Incident Detection and Response: Security professionals now broadly agree that it’s not if but when you’re going to be subject to a successful
attack, but how we solve this challenge is not obvious. Our Incident Detection and Response services will help you detect attacks automatically, investigate quickly, and respond confidently.
Security Advisory Services: Security teams face new challenges in keeping up with a persistent and economically-motivated attacker. Only Rapid7’s Security Advisory Services apply industry expertise, datadriven analysis, and industry best practices to transform the way you manage your security programs and empower more impactful business decisions.

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