About Forcepoint

You need an intelligent, integrated approach to network security so that you can move ahead with your organization’s broader mission. That’s what we deliver. Our world-class technology is the foundation of our unified platform, and it’s the reason our products have won dozens of industry awards.

Forcepoint technology is built from the ground up to meet four essential needs:

Advanced threat protection provides defenses to ensure that your critical data and business processes can be used safely wherever they’re needed — in the office, on the road or in the cloud.
End-to-end visibility allows you to see what’s really happening continuously throughout your network so you can better measure, manage and secure it.
Advanced analytics rapidly transform information from across your network into accurate insights so you can take the right actions.
Adaptive security allows you to apply contextual intelligence to stay ahead of evolving threats and rapidly return to normal when you do encounter trouble.
This enables us to deliver integrated Web, email and data security solutions powered by real-time intelligence. Read on to learn more about the specific technologies behind this unified approach to information security.

Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) provides the power for Forcepoint information security products with more accuracy and better coverage than legacy, point-based security technologies.
Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence uses real-time reputation analysis and expanded behavioral analysis to provide the most up-to-date protection from unwanted content and malicious threats.
Virtual Data Warehousing for Analytics enables you to search on live data, and to do it faster and at lower cost than with traditional data warehousing.
User Behavior Risk Scoring automatically detects your riskiest users and lets you know what to do about them.
Multilevel Security at Enterprise Scale enables secure information access for the most sensitive enterprises, fostering high usability without compromising protection.
Multilevel Security — Deep Content Inspection applies the most rigorous inspection engine available to ensure threat-free data transfer in highly secure systems.

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